Level 6 Professional Coach Supervision

Professional coaching supervision is a catalyst for coaches to improve the quality of services they provide to their coachees and stakeholders. It offers a confidential framework that supports and promotes good practice by benchmarking and ensuring the quality of coaching planning and delivery. Professional coaching supervision’s goal is to provide coaches with a safe reflective space in which they can critically evaluate how they can develop and improve their coaching practice.

Professional Coach Supervisors who complete the unit will understand the purpose and role of supervision in coaching. They will assess models and approaches for delivery and devise a strategy to maximize their effectiveness.

This qualification is intended for practising or aspiring Professional Coach Supervisors who can apply their knowledge, develop their skills in this area, and/or progress onto further education.

6A31 CMI Level 6 Award in Professional Coach Supervision 

To obtain this qualification, learners must complete the following unit for a minimum of 140 TUT hours and 14 credits. The GLH must be at least 44 hours.

  • CMI 621 Professional Coaching Supervision

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