CMI 701 Strategic Leadership

CMI 701 Strategic Leadership

Effective strategic leadership is an indispensable driving force behind the success of any organisation. In today’s modern workplace, leaders must possess a range of essential qualities to respond to the constantly evolving organisational needs. They must be knowledgeable, not only in their specific domain but also in the broader industry landscape. Additionally, they must be creative and capable of thinking outside the box to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. Furthermore, leaders must be agile, adapting quickly to changing circumstances and staying ahead of the curve. Finally, leaders must also be resilient, possessing the tenacity and determination to overcome obstacles and persist through difficult times. In sum, leaders who embody these qualities are well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing business landscape and lead their organizations to success.


The goal of this unit is to provide leaders with a thorough understanding of strategic leadership within the context of an organisation. Leaders will investigate the complexities of the role as well as the theoretical perspectives, approaches, behaviours, and skills that can help them improve their professional practice. The unit emphasises the leader’s ability to respond creatively to complex organisational challenges as well as understand how to set and achieve long-term strategic goals.

What you’ll learn

CMI 701 Strategic Leadership is a course designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective strategic leaders. The course covers a range of topics related to strategic leadership, including:

  1. The role of strategic leadership in organisational success
  2. Strategic planning and execution
  3. Organisational change management
  4. Building and leading high-performance teams
  5. Ethics and social responsibility in leadership
  6. Global leadership and cross-cultural communication
  7. Decision-making and problem-solving strategies
  8. Leadership styles and approaches
  9. Effective communication and influence
  10. Managing risk and uncertainty

Through the course, students will learn how to apply these concepts to real-world business scenarios, developing practical skills that they can use in their professional lives. Additionally, the course will provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their leadership style and identify areas for growth and development. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of the key principles of strategic leadership and will be well-equipped to lead organisations in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Learning outcome

The outcomes of studying CMI 701 are numerous and can include the following:

  • Understand the role and context of strategic leadership
  • Understand the behaviours and skills for strategic leadership

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