513 Managing Projects to Achieve Results 

513 Managing Projects to Achieve Results 

CMI Level 5 Unit 513 Managing Projects to Achieve Results is a unit that covers the process of project management from beginning to end. The unit begins by discussing the significance of project planning and goal setting. It then covers project management tools and techniques like scheduling, risk management, and cost control. A section on project team dynamics, including team building and communication, is also included in the unit. Finally, the unit wraps up with a discussion of project completion and evaluation. This unit is essential for anyone who wants to learn how to manage projects successfully. Students will be able to create and implement project plans, monitor and control project progress, and identify and resolve project issues by the end of this unit. The qualifications are intended for current or aspiring managers in positions such as: –
  • Operations Manager
  • Divisional Manager
  • Departmental Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Specialist Manager.
The total unit time gained for the Award can be applied to a Level 5 Certificate or directly to a Level 5 Diploma.

Unit Aim

This unit was created to allow Operational Managers to demonstrate their ability to manage projects with an organizational impact. Managers must create a Good Practice Guide that focuses on the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to plan, implement, and manage projects, build stakeholder relationships, manage resources and risk, overcome problems and challenges, report on outcomes, and ensure successful project handover.

Learning Outcomes

1. Recognize the role of projects in the delivery of organizational strategy. 2. Be familiar with the processes for initiating, planning, and managing projects. 3. Recognize the factors that contribute to effective project management.

Assessment Criteria

1.1 Examine the role of projects in achieving organizational goals. 2.1 Examine the project-initiation process. 2.2 Investigate the impact of legal, organizational, and ethical considerations on projects. 2.3 Discuss the use of tools and techniques for project planning and management in various contexts. 2.4 Examine techniques for collaborating with stakeholders to achieve project goals. 2.5 Assess methods for tracking project progress. 2.6 Discuss methods for reporting project outcomes. 2.7 Evaluate project closure approaches 3.1 Discuss data and information management methods in a project environment. 3.2 Evaluate the use of problem-solving and decision-making techniques in project management. 3.3 Investigate methods for identifying, managing, and mitigating project risks.


The maximum time allowed for completion is six months. Up to three months of tutorial support Complete one unit to meet the minimum requirement of 40 hours TUT/4 credits; inspired2learn currently offers the following units: Related Articles:


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