Level 4 NVQ in Management

The CMI Level 4 NVQ in Management is a vocational qualification designed to provide managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage teams and resources within an organization. The qualification is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and is recognized as a standard of excellence in management.
The course is designed for managers who are responsible for managing teams or projects and who have a degree of autonomy and responsibility within their role. The course covers a range of topics, including leadership and management theory, operational management, financial management, and decision-making.
The course is delivered through a combination of workplace assignments, on-the-job training, and online learning. The course is designed to be flexible, allowing students to study at their own pace and around their work commitments.
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded the CMI Level 4 NVQ in Management. The qualification is widely recognized within the business and management sectors and is highly valued by employers.
The CMI Level 4 NVQ in Management course provides managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage teams and resources within an organization. It enables managers to enhance their leadership and management skills, improve their decision-making abilities, and effectively manage resources and operations. The course also helps managers to develop their communication and interpersonal skills, enabling them to build effective relationships with their team members and stakeholders.
Overall, the CMI Level 4 NVQ in Management is an essential qualification for managers who are looking to progress in their careers and take on more significant leadership and management roles within an organization. The course is designed to be practical and relevant, providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and make a positive impact within their organisation.

The CMI Level 4 NVQ in Management is a comprehensive course that covers a range of units designed to provide managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage teams and resources within an organisation. The following are the units covered in the course:


  • M&L 9 Manage personal and professional development 
  • M&L 26 Provide leadership and management 
  • M&L 27 Develop and implement an operational plan 
  • M&L 32 Develop working relationships with stakeholders


  • M&L 25 Develop and maintain professional networks 
  • M&L 28 Encourage learning and development 
  • M&L 30 Initiate and implement operational change 
  • M&L 31 Discipline and grievance management 
  • M&L 33 Manage a tendering process 
  • M&L 34 Manage physical resources 
  • M&L 35 Manage the impact of work activities on the environment
  • M&L 36 Prepare for and support quality audits 
  • M&L 37 Conduct quality audits 
  • M&L 38 Manage a budget 
  • M&L 40 Manage a project
  • M&L 41 Manage business risk 
  • M&L 42 Manage knowledge in an organisation 
  • M&L 43 Recruitment, selection and induction practice 
  • M&L 44 Manage redundancy and redeployment 
  • M&L 10 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace 
  • M&L 11 Manage team performance 
  • M&L 12 Manage individuals’ performance 
  • M&L 13 Manage individuals’ development in the workplace 
  • M&L 14 Chair and lead meetings 
  • M&L 16 Encourage innovation 
  • M&L 17 Manage conflict within a team 
  • M&L 18 Procure products and/or services 
  • M&L 20 Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes 
  • M&L 21 Collaborate with other departments 
  • M&L 22 Support remote or virtual teams 
  • M&L 45 Contribute to the development of a strategic plan 
  • M&L 49 Design business processes 
  • M&L 51 Develop and manage collaborative relationships with other organisations 
  • M&L 52 Optimise the use of technology 
  • M&L 53 Manage product and/or service development 


  • M&LEB1 Manage health and safety in own area of responsibility 
  • B&A 64 Contribute to the design and development of an information system
  • B&A 65 Manage information systems 
  • B&A 69 Manage events
  • CS 34 Manage customer service operations 
  • CS 36 Review the quality of customer service 
  • B&A 41 Contribute to the improvement of business performance 
  • B&A 42 Negotiate in a business environment 
  • CS 30 Resolve customers’ problems 
  • CS 31 Resolve customers’ complaints 
  • MK3-1 Analyse competitor activity 
  • SAL4-3 Developing sales proposals 
  • SAL4-1 Prioritising information for sales planning

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