Level 2 Team Leading – Combined

The CMI Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading is a qualification that combines knowledge and competence units. This is a vocational qualification created in collaboration with employers and is directly based on the National Occupational Standards. This means that learners are developing the skills that employers are looking for. This qualification is designed for new or aspiring team leaders to help them develop their knowledge and competence in leading a team and ensuring that the team’s work meets organizational goals. The qualification confirms competence in an occupational role to the required standards. Learners will improve their planning, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, as well as gain the knowledge and confidence to effectively lead, organize, and motivate a team.

CMI Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading (Combined) (2D27V2) 

Learners must complete a minimum of 40 credits, which is equivalent to 400 TQT hours, of which 201 GLH are required to obtain a CMI Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading.


  • M&L 1 Manage personal performance and development 
  • M&L 4 Communicate work-related information 
  • M&L 5 Lead and manage a team 
  • M&L 6 Principles of team leading 
  • M&L 8 Understand business


  • M&L 2 Develop working relationships with colleagues 
  • M&L 3 Contribute to meetings in a business environment 
  • M&L 7 Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace 
  • M&L 10 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace 
  • M&L 11 Manage team performance
  • M&L 12 Manage individuals’ performance 
  • M&L 14 Chair and lead meetings 
  • M&L 16 Encourage innovation 
  • M&L 17 Manage conflict within a team 
  • M&L 18 Procure products and/or services 
  • M&L 21 Collaborate with other departments


  • HSPW2 Health and Safety Procedures in the Workplace 
  • B&A 16 Store and retrieve information 
  • B&A 18 Handle mail 
  • B&A 39 Employee rights and responsibilities 
  • CS 7 Deliver customer service 
  • CS 8 Understand customers 
  • CS 17 Resolve customer service problems 
  • B&A 42 Negotiate in a business environment 
  • B&A 43 Develop a presentation 
  • B&A 44 Deliver a presentation 
  • CS 31 Resolve customers’ complaints
Note: There is no requirement to complete any Group C units if the learner does not want to, and all optional credits can come from Group B. If a learner chooses to take Group C units, the total credit requirements for that group cannot be exceeded. Related Articles:


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